How to access tax documents on HoneyBricks

Tax documents will be emailed to you directly and available in your HoneyBricks account.

HoneyBricks tokens legally represent a membership interest in a real estate LLC (limited liability company), and you'll receive a K1 for this membership interest. You can learn more about taxes here.

What documents will you receive?

As a HoneyBricks investor, you will receive:

  • Schedule K1s for each investment made on the platform
  • A Tax Summary that aggregates all of an investors tax information US Federal Income Taxes

You’ll be notified by email once available, and the documents will also be added to your account settings in the documents section.

Where do I find my K-1s or other tax documents?

When you login to HoneyBricks, navigate to Settings in the top right corner.

Click “Documents” on the left hand set and here you will find an aggregate of all your documents from all investments (including subscription agreements and tax information).