How do I complete self accreditation on the HoneyBricks platform?

You'll be prompted for investments that allow self accreditation, and can view your status in your settings.

Investments offered under Regulation D 506(b) on the HoneyBricks platform allow investor self-accreditation to participate .

Self-accreditation is a process whereby the investor can qualify as an accredited investor based on their own personal financial circumstances and relationship with the issuer, rather than relying on a third party to determine their accreditation status.

Once you've created an account and to complete self-accreditation, you'll be prompted to complete a simple form within the application.

Based on your pre-existing relationship with HoneyBricks or the investment issuer, the completed KYC information on the platform and other information, a follow-up consultation or call may be required to best determine your eligibility to invest. 

You can view your self-accreditation status in your account settings.

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