What is HoneyBricks' banking and financial infrastructure?

HoneyBricks operates its financial infrastructure with a variety of trusted and secure third parties.

HoneyBricks uses a variety of banking and financial partners for the deliver of our services, with each vendor undergoing legal, technical and commercial diligence before onboarding.
Our current financial service providers include, but are not limited to:
  • Mercury who partners with Evolve Bank and Trust,  FDIC insured 
  • Arpari who partners with Thread Bank, FDIC insured
  • Circle, FIDC insured 
  • Coinbase for digital currency payments
  • 1Inch for decentralized transfers
  • A variety of single and multi-signature digital wallets
Every investment hosted on the HoneyBricks platform is owned in a separate LLC and has a separate FDIC-insured checking account for that LLC. You can learn more about our legal structure here.
HoneyBricks does not bank with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) or have any direct exposure to SVB's receivership proceedings.