What do I need to provide to certify my accredited status?

Email your accountant and ask them for a "accredited investor" letter, then upload it to your account.

Investments offered under Regulation D 506(c) on the HoneyBricks platform often require a certified accreditation letter to participate .

To get this letter, investors have two options:

  1. CPA/ Third-party: You can provide a letter from a qualified third-party verifier such as your CPA (you can send them one of the templates below)
    1. Accredited Investor Verification Template (PDF)

    2. Accredited Investor Verification Template (Word Doc)

  2. Online platforms: If you don't have an accountant,  you can use online services such VerifyInvestor to prove your accredited status.
    1. You will upload your tax return, W-2 etc. and they will provide an accreditation letter in return.